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Which game of thrones house do you belong in?

Take this quiz and find out  

When you laugh, you will realize you are going to Hell.

This high school football star has no idea what's coming. When you laugh, you are going to hell with me.  

Amazing slo mo guys compilation will blow your mind!

Explosions, liquids, and impact footage in slow motion with an awesome EDM remix of the Black Pearl (Pirates of The Caribbean theme song)  

Mexicans be like “CHECK OUT MY DIRTBIKE”

Watch as this gentleman plays with his dangerous new dirt bike while he's on the clock  

Man witnesses granny beatdown in the midst of leaving a voicemail – HILARIOUS!

This guy is leaving a voicemail for his boss when he witnesses a minor traffic accident that turns into a huge granny beat down.  

Kanye West telling Aaron Hernandez whats up

Yo Aaron Hernandez.. Imma let you finish.. but..  

15 best tweets about Kanye and Kim’s new baby, North West

Ladies and gentlemen, North West.  

This racist bitch posted this video in hopes of 1M youtube hits..she got it, but now everyone hates her.

Taylor brags in the video over and over that she is posting it on Facebook for the world to see. Little did she know eyes would be on her and she would become the most hated woman on the […] 

NSFW: Crazy naked afro man spits on and attacks BART employees and riders

a crazy man (probably on bath salts) showed the world how to handstand all over BART naked... and piss.. and spit.. and attack people.  

MUST SEE!! Forest’s reaction to Game of Thrones “Red Wedding” Scene

I secretly recorded my girlfriend, Forest, watching Game of Thrones episode 9. Here is her candid reaction to the madness!!  

Vine video of Miguel’s brain damaging leg drop at The Billboard Awards

At last month's Billboard Music Awards, Miguel got a little too into his set and drop kicked a girl's head into the stage. TMZ's interview with the girl's lawyer says that it seems as though there's cognitive damage and brain […] 

A ghetto screaming, crying, singing reaction to this week’s Game of Thrones

"THEY GONE! They took em Jesus... Lord take me too... Take me too fatha...Why didn't I read the books!"  

hilarious baby finds his mommy’s nose terrifying and funny at the same time

5 month old Emerson can't seem to stop laughing at himself after his mom's nose blowing terrifies him... over and over again!